City In Time

Artist Statement

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CITY IN TIME is a cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) project that offers Hong Kong residents and visitors a fully immersive way to experience the city’s extraordinary geographical and environmental transformation over time via their smartphone.

AR is a new technology that integrates digital images with the real world. It enables 360-degree historical panoramas of some of Hong Kong’s most visited and historically rich locations to be juxtaposed with the present-day surroundings so that users can simultaneously see Hong Kong past and present in some of its most visited and historically rich locations.

CITY IN TIME’s panoramas were created using historical photographs that were digitally assembled, as well as panoramic illustrations specially drawn and painted for the project by renowned Hong Kong artists. The panoramas were modelled in 3D so that optical tracking could be used to spatially align them with the actual environment, using AR.

Project Director Jeffrey Shaw, Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Media Art, Director Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

My Role

I was working as a developer and computer graphics engineer.

My biggest contribution was the development of a selfie function, that transforms the real time selfie to match stylistic artworks that are placed in the real world.

One of the restrictions was that it should be 1) real-time 2) run in the browser 3) be supported by Android 4.0 and iOS 12 onwards. Therefore, I decided to develop low-level OpenGL ES and WebGL shader to transform the camera feed into several artistic styles such as watercolor, pencil, oil panting and color correction.

Daniel Eckhoff
Daniel Eckhoff
PhD Candidate