Trajectory Calculation of Puncture Needles in Computed Tomography Image Data

Trajected biopsy needed in CT image data.

Computed Tomography (CT) guided biopsy by puncture needles is one of the routine operations in radiology. The procedure is planned using CT image data acquired preoperatively. An access point for the needle with the lowest possible potential for complications is chosen. Because the patient’s movement and breathing can cause a large change in the position of the organs and the needle, various intermediate images must be taken during the procedure to correct the path of the needle. Since the radiologist has only a few clues through slice images, the control of the intermediate images is very time-consuming.

In the field of CT image-guided interventions, two main methods exist to correct the position of the puncture needle. In sequential CT supports, new CT images are created for each correction. CT-fluoroscopy allows a real-time view, in which the patient is transilluminated. However, this entails excessive radiation exposure. Nevertheless, both procedures require spatial awareness.

In the context of this bachelor thesis a plugin of the free macOS DICOM viewer OsiriX was developed, which allows the automatic detection and interactive visualization of a three dimensional trajectory of a biopsy needle into the CT image data. This allows for faster, more precise surgery because the needle can be guided more accurately. In addition, fewer intermediate images are required, which means less radiation exposure for the patient and the doctor.

Daniel Eckhoff
Daniel Eckhoff
PhD Candidate